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USP and USPS Shipping Rates: Are There Differences?


In 1775, the United States Postal Service (USPS) was established. For more than 200 years, this federal department had been known to businesses and individuals. As it delivers more than 40% of the non-critical mail of the country, this is the best mail that people always think of if they want to send a mail. But, the emergence of competitors makes it important for customers to have an idea of the difference between the rates of the competitors and the standard USPS shipping rates.

The mailing of packages through the USPS has been a popular way to send small products by businesses and individuals. A lot of people thought that the USPS shipping rates are fixed rates but the fact is that there are a lot of variables. The rate is identified by the dimensions, weight and the distance that the package shall travel. There are also rates that are based on the package’s size. The package weight can be its dimensional weight or the actual rate.

The United Parcel Service (USP) is the same firm that provides services more on global and business shipping. The shipping rates at USP are made very competitive and provide additional benefits. It is not part of the pricing of USP to charge when they have confirmed the shipper that their package has been successfully delivered. A lot of customers believe that USP ship ordinary packages quicker than the USPS. USP also ship bigger and heavier packages. The accept packages with a maximum weight of 150 pounds and 165 inches. This capability is almost double the maximum weight USPS can accept for their shipping. As they ship bigger packaging, they provide inexpensive rates for cost-per-dollar and cost-per-delivery mile.

The USPS has a system that is used to monitor their rates but it does involve offering account billing. They charge an amount for a lot of extra services that are offered. A factor that affects USPS shipping rates is that it is a regulated establishment that is run by the government. It is under the control of the Post Master General. The agency has been compelled to raise their rates because of the increasing competition. The rates at USP also fluctuated but their rates have been kept reasonable because of the competition.

Customers must check the rates that are charged by a company because of their variation. A business or an individual should take into account if there are little or extra services that the shipping company offers. As the shipping costs impacts the success of a business, it is necessary that every company must make a review of their shipping needs to identify that they are receiving the best possible rate. Also, individuals must utilize rate calculators to make a comparison of the cost to ship using different carriers.

Whether individuals or businesses ship using USPS or UPS, they can save money by making sure that they know both the UPS and USPS shipping rates of their package. This guarantees that they get the best available rate for their certain shipping needs.